Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Can we last that long?

We still have 14 more months of
campaigning to hear. On the news.
And how long before we start getting
the commercials? At least we don't
have them here yet. But the news seems
to be one long commercial of where they
are and who they are.

It kind of irritates me because the media
and the parties seem to think that Iowa and
the other states who are jumping the gun,
are going to pick who I want to run. It very
well could be, in the first of May, be all
decided before they even have the conventions.

And the rest of us states won't even have a
chance to weigh in. And the other thing is the
endurance. Not only the candidates but us voters.
Will our glances become glazed over? And it sure
doesn't leave much for us, of the Cafeteria Party
to chose from, in some states we aren't even allowed
to vote in the primaries, because you have to declare
a Republican or Democrat party as your own, to vote.

Something wrong with that. But then again, here in
Idaho, we don't have much of a chance if you aren't
Republican .... as the state is as red as an old barn.
Wish we were as strong as that old barn.

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Phil said...

I've already tuned it all out.