Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Prescription Drugs...abuse

So many times we think of
druggies as the guy who is
sitting in a park or some one's
living room with glassy eyes, or
bizarre behavior.

But one of the worse group of
druggies are the legal ones. The
one's who are like Elvis, who have
doctors who don't pay enough
attention to their patients or don't
care. And can the fault lay with
the pharmacy? But they aren't
police officers, so it isn't up to
them to turn in what could possibility
be an abuser. And besides the abuser
uses different pharmacy to get their
prescription filled.

Maybe there should be a data base,
that collects how many pain meds
that are addictive, that are given to
a patient. That the pharmacy has
to turn in names of people who are
renewing their prescriptions.

There are people who will get hurt
on purpose to get renewal prescriptions.
So this date base could also see a
pattern of users. The abuser will change
doctors, and the pharmacy, but this would
still collect all the information.

There are a lot of them out there. Who will
put down a street druggie, but don't consider
themselves one.

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Betty said...

The elderly, in particular, are, many times, overmedicated. My mother had several doctors for several problems and they all prescibed medicines for her without regard to what she might already be taking. She was visiting me once, and had to see my doctor, who promptly took her off of most of her meds. He put her in the hospital and monitored her condition as he did this, and she got much better.