Friday, September 07, 2007

Store electric carts.

Have you ever had to ride on
one of those electric carts in
a store?

I was going on errands today
with Miss Cannonball. And
what an eye opener. Even
with the King, when he was
using them.

It seems that people will stand
right there while you are trying
to get by, and block the aisle.
While that is true of all carts,
you would think one would be
more alert to an electric cart
coming. After all you can hear it.

The other thing, they will cut
you off and then stop. Like
the cart has brakes. Yes, you
let off of the handle to slow down.
But that doesn't just stop the
cart like a car.

Also are there people who are
angry at people who use the
carts? You see so many people
scowl at some one who is trying
to get thru the maze of carts
and aisles or bins. What is with

Maybe what we need is for everyone
have to use an electric cart for a week
in a store, to find out, it is no pleasure


Book and Hook said...

I always try and make room for other carts in the aisles, but especially for the motorized carts. I always figure they are having a tough enough day, they don't need me making it harder.
This summer we went and visited one of our grandmothers and she needed to us one at COSTCO, but then the battery on it died and my husband had to go tell someone and get a wheelchair instead. So I was pushing our cart and pulling her cart that my husband had been pushing for her, so he could push her in the wheelchair.

JeanC said...

Hubby uses a wheelchair most of the time while shopping and occasionally the motorized carts the store provides and ALWAYS there are people who insist on getting in the way. It is amazing, the minute you plant your behind on either one, you become invisible. He's had people ram him and then get snarly like it was his fault they didn't see him (his chair has a pole with a yellow flag that has the "Don't tread on me" saying and snake). He also is a BIG guy and very hard to miss int he first place, but they do.

Betty said...

I think people do feel angry at people who use electric carts in the grocery store, etc. They look as if they don't believe you really need to use it, for some reason. Especially, if you are overweight, they think you are just lazy. Also, I think people get angry when they see parking spaces for the disabled. Sad.