Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Second Thoughts

Life's aggravations get to me, from
time to time. Like yesterday...

Went to the beauty (?) shop.
After all was said and done, I
went to pay. Then the dilemma.
How much to leave for a tip? Is
it like the restaurant where you are
suppose to leave 10% or 15% or
what. Just what do you leave a
hairdresser? I don't have a lot of
money, but I don't want to be
cheap either. No, the thought of
just a dollar never cross my mind.
$5. did.. is that cheap? But, much
more, I might not be able to afford
the work done. I have gave $10,
when the gal has gone extra..or
I have played hairdresser or cutter,
and they have to clean up my act.

Then the other aggravation. Telephoning
a company. Put in your account number.
Chose from this section... after choosing..
chose from this selection... chose one,
then chose from this selection. But there
is nothing there that pertains to what I
wanted to talk about. No selection of
talking to a human. And hoping and
praying they know enough English that
I can understand. Nothing. So back to
the Main menu. Maybe I didn't catch the
right one the first time. Nope, it is all the
same, so back to Main menu again. Tried
another subject that was near what I wanted.
(help, I want to talk to a human!!) and no..
this wasn't working either.

Then the lightbulb went on in my pea head.
O... you have gotten that email that tells you
to hit O and you will get a human. Well, I did
that. Nope, that is not a selection, the recorder
tells me. But by this time, I am frustrated.. so
out of frustration, I hit the O... 3 more times...
GUESS WHAT???!!!. I got a human. I could
understand most of what she said. (starting
to have doubts in my hearing.) and after all
the information we exchanged she asked
if there was anything else she could help me
with. Yes, I told her... tell the company to put
in the main menu a selection of being able to
talk to a human. Some times, the subjects at
hand don't work. Such as mine. I told her how
out of frustration that I got hitting the O
3 times. She said well, I will tell you a secret way.
Next time you call, put in your number as asked.
But when asked to select one of the many numbers..
don't. just hang on and a representative will answer.

My question is (to myself) as I hung up.. why does
this have to be a secret?

As I fumed over the day about these two... I
finally had it dawn on me... it is the way I look
at it. So second thoughts, is... at least I tipped
the gal. And the good news is I can afford to
have my hair done a couple times a year.
It sure beats having the King do it. (did I ever
tell you that one?) And at least, I finally figured
out and got the straight skinny on how to call
next time.
Ah, to be grateful for the little things of life.

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PinkAcorn said...

I just had my hair done here, too ...ah, south of Lewiston... and the tip is almost as much as the hair cut. I've always anguished over the tipping, too. Will they or won't they give me a decent cut and style next time or even make time for an appointment if I'm a lousy tipper....AARRRGGGHHH!