Thursday, September 13, 2007

Kids School Clothes

What does a school district in
Tulsa, Ok and North Carolina
have in common?

They both want to regulate the
style of clothing of their students.
This is an age old problem, but
has become more intense in the
past year or two.

Maybe Columbine has brought
that to the surface. But as far as
I know.. they only wore trenchcoats.
Can't be terrorist, as they wore the same
as the rest of us. To blend in. So I guess it
is the gang related idea... Some how national
flags and tuck shirts seems a little overboard.

How the students wear their hats,
(getting rid of the backwards style) is
one of them they have tried to ban for
a couple years. Now in the news is the
ban of how they wear their shirts and
what is on the shirt.

Oklahoma wants to have the shirts stuffed
in to the pants. North Carolina wants to ban
the wearing of the flag on the shirt.

While I am sure there are good reasons why
the school districts have tried this but it seems
a little over kill.

Keeping the shirt tails out of the pants, seems to
me, to be a good thing, considering how low the
boys wear their pants these days.

And wearing the flag. Needs some clarification.
I can see not wearing clothes made out of the
flag material. That has been a law for quite some
time I believe. But not having the flag design on
your shirt is overkill.

We all have had some kind of shirt with a
American flag on it. Especially after 9-11.
Some have a Harley-Davison with a flag behind
it. I have seen different brands of semi trucks
with the same. Some just have the flag waving,
and patriotic saying.

All of this shows our pride in our country. And
myself, I am tired of the old excuse that we
are offending others. They are offending me,
because even with all its warts, it is still my
country, and I am proud to live here. And I
haven't seen any studies of how the one's
wanting in here, have decline in numbers.

Yes, I understand that others will say,
especially in North Carolina.. that there will
be those who will wear their own flag. Even the
Dixie flag. With the Dixie flag, they are over a
100 years too late to stop that. It is everywhere
down south.

Being from a town known for the Italians, Portuguese,
and English. If anyone wore a flag of their families
country, I would not have been offended. It would
show their pride in their ancestors country. Same
with Mexican's wearing their type of shirts, or the
flag of their country. It just shows pride of what makes
them. It is just a shirt. It doesn't say that other
countries are no good and only that flag is good.
Get a life people.

When I was in school, it was too short skirts. The
limit was an inch above the knee. No shorts, and
no pants for girls. Seem the girls were the ones
who were sent home for improper clothes. Now
it is the boys. Even my children had clothing
issues, which some of them I let pass and some
I didn't. I found that 99% of the time, if you ignored
a fashion statement, it pass quickly. So as long
as they are covered, and the language on the
shirt was clean, it got a pass.

And unless schools start having uniforms like
the private school do... there will always be
conversations like these.


PinkAcorn said...

We're banned from prayer in a lot of public places, using "In God We Trust" or "God Bless America", showing patriotism or just being proud to be an American lest we offend someone. I'm so sick of it and all this nit-picky crap.

amyrebba said...

I agree with you. I am so sick of everyone worrying about offending someone from another country and culture. They don't worry about offending anyone. They show their pride in their heritage, and they should. So why are we as a nation walking on pins and needles worried about offending other nationalities? Hello people! Do you think Bin Laden accomplished, at least partially. his goal? He has us walking scared! Not that he started this, but as a result of his actions it has built to a higher level of concern.

For Pete's sake it is the variety of nationalities and cultures that make this country what it is. When people come from other places in the world they can bring their culture and be proud of it. But I'll be damned if I'm going to worry about weather or not I'm offending them with my pride in my country or my beliefs in God. They don't offend me with their Budda and any other God they worship, so why should I care if I offend them? Really when people come to America they are usually very aware of the diversity in religious beliefs and culture. If they have a problem with it then go back to their own country. Otherwise come on and bring your beliefs and culture and make America what it is.

Okay I'll shut up. This subject just bugs Good topic dear.