Monday, September 17, 2007

My Kids should be in Therapy

Not really, but they joke about it.
That they should be.

After all, I made them go to school
even in the worse of weather. Just the
other day the youngest was telling how
HER mother would make them walk
across the 10 acres of our land and the
neighbors 10 to get to the road for the
bus stop. Thru 3 feet of unplowed snow!
Even bring out hot chocolate for us, to tell
us the bus was going to be late, for
another 20 to 30 minutes.

Well, at least I brought out chocolate.
Besides look at the stories they can tell
their grandchildren..... "I had to walk thru
10 feet (always increase it) of snow, just to
get to the school bus."

They tell how I would wake them even at 2 am,
to tell about the fresh new snow that was
deep enough to make the first snow man
of the season. And of course, to throw
snowballs at each other. I would tease
and conjole them to get up and join me,
even as the sleepy heads protested. I knew
there would be no school with the snow
falling like it was.

Then there was the game called Zorro, that
I played on them. A lipstick mark of "Z" on
the forehead as they slept in the summer.
You should have seen them laughing at
each other.... until it dawn on them, they
had a "Z" too.

I took them camping without tents, or
campers or stoves and etc. Just a sleeping
bags and camp fire. No camp sites with
bathrooms and showers. Just the natural
woods. And fish in the creek for dinner.

And then there was the time my son
decided to smoke. He was caught standing
outside of a store, that the kids hung out
at in town. So I made him smoke cigarette
after cigarette until he started to turn green.
Kind of upset me that he had started to
smoke. See he was in a class a year
before, where he came home from school
and informed me that I was going to die,
because I smoked. Guess he didn't think
he was going to. But I almost convince him,
he as going to, by the 3rd one.

I guess I shouldn't tell these tales.
Some one might turn me in for child abuse.
Nah, statute of limitations is expired.

But my youngest does mention something
about therapy... I don't know if it is for her or

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Betty said...

Sounds like you were a fun mom. I used to take my kids on a picnic at the lak on the first day of spring, even if it was still cold. I think they enjoyed it.