Monday, September 10, 2007

Ya Gotta Love Them

Politicians. Will Rogers had
a whole career on just making
fun of them.

We now have, "you got to know
when to hold them, and when to
fold them" Thompson, throwing
his hat into the arena. And even
though he announced it on the Jay
Leno show (like Arnold, must be
a new Republican deal) and no one
stomped his hat in the middle of
the arena, so I guess he is off and

One thing in his favor, is the rest of
them have already spent millions getting
to this day. And he is just starting to spend.
So they have blown MILLIONS and the
race still has 14 more months to go. Looks
like he is on to something.

Even with the WHO family. You know,
Huckabee WHO? and what is the other one?
Brownback WHO? Tancredo WHO? Gravel
WHO? ther are a few who declined to run, too.
Which all of us older ones, remember the
last one of the WHO family to run. Remember
Jimmy Carter WHO????? So don't laugh..he

What I would like to see, as a member of good
standing of the Cafeteria Party, at the next
debate on both sides of the fence, the game.

The one that people play lots of times. It is called
the "IF I WAS PRESIDENT" game. But instead of
the usually "what would I do, if I was President"..
I would like to hear.... "who I will have in my
cabinet team.".. Nothing has brought that so much
out front to us in the past 7 years as Bush Administration.

We all think about the President being the force. But
we know without Cheney, and Rove and Rice..Rumfield,
Bush would have been toothless. So let's have them ask
the candidates to play... "Who I would chose to have in
my cabinet, if I was President."


Dogwalkmusings said...

It could make some of the underdogs! But you know what? I think a lot of the candidates themselves are really running for cabinet positions!

Betty said...

A lot of people think the Huckster is actually running for Vice President. I tend to agree.