Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The migration has started

First it was Rumfield
then Rove
and now Gonzales

What appears to others that
the rats are jumping ship, is
the same that happens to most
lame duck Presidents.

Some think that the public out
cry has something to do with it.
While there is some truth to that,
it is far from the whole truth.

What happens behind closed doors
in Washington, D.C. will never truly
be understood by the general public.

Those men might have left the scene,
but you can bet your Sunday breakfast,
that they are very much still in the loop.

The President's sorrowful regret that the
political machine has eaten another of
his people, in truth they are just a phone
call away.

And this has happen over the years, thru
many other President cabinets. It is just
the process. They get a good severance
pay, while they find another soft job with
high benefits and pay.

Oh, if only the common man were to be so


Dogwalkmusings said...

Great post! You hit the nail right squarely on the head.

Betty said...

Of course, you are right. I just like to think that they have had all of GWB that they can take.