Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Are you early or are you late?

I am a early person. If I am going
somewhere, I will get there from 15
minutes to 20 minutes early. At least
in the area of the meeting. Still 10 mins.
early. I hate it when some one is late.

I can give 5 or 10 minutes late...but more,
well, I get antsy. Starts to bug me. And
those who are half an hour late without
a call... I am out of there.

I find being blatantly late, rude. Those
who are late, without calling to let the
other person know.. are selfish and

I know there is exception to the rule.
Sometimes emergencies come up.
I can live with that.

But those who walk into our church,
15 minutes after the service started,
on a constant level.. are rude. And if
they are carrying a latté, I am really

Those who come a half hour late, for
dinner and expect others to hold the
dinner for them.. well, you lose out
with me. If I say dinner will be served
at 6pm.. it is served at 6. If you show
up at get left-overs. If someone
is going to be late and not too long, and
call.. then I will tell others, that the person
called and if they don't mind, we are waiting
the 15 or 20 minutes..

One of the reasons why I would not car pool.
I don't want to be the one driving up and waiting.
And I don't want to be at my house waiting for
my ride. Just can't do it. It might be a flaw.. but
just can't do it.

Have I ever been late? A few times in my life.
When I had a cell, I called. The other times I
was with in 10 minutes late because I miss
judged the traveling time.. and I apologized

So are you a late arriver or a early one?


Ron said...

I'm early and I dito your feelings. Thirty minutes and I'm out of there. Have I ever been late, once that comes to mind. I was switching work shifts from swing to days and was about 15 minutes late.


Big Piney Woods Cats said...

ALWAYS early.....for everything.


Dogwalkmusings said...


Betty said...

Definitely early. I have a friend who used to be chronically late, until we left her to have dinner by herself one night. She was an hour late, and we had finished and when she got there, we told her to enjoy her dinner, we would see her at the meeting. She got a little better after that. The main thing that irritated us about her lateness was that she never apologized or explained. Talk about rude!