Friday, August 03, 2007

Small Towns

What is going to happen to the towns that are
spending the new tax money that they have
gotten from all the housing that is being built.

With all the new housing going in... it means
that an empty field becomes a great tax money
maker for the town or county. All the little trailers
that were dumped and new town houses that are built
there... more tax money coming in.

The coffers are getting fuller... 5, 000 more home
owners with new homes... 5,000 more property
taxes bills to be paid.

Yes, pretty heady stuff. But as I watch and read about
the slow down and the people who are going bankrupt,
or just flat out losing their homes to the banks. Where
people with money are buying the homes for $10 on the
hundred worth.... the market flattens out, the prices
are dropped in half just to get out from under them.

Contractors selling with a marginal profit, if any at all...
drops the house prices... with that goes the drop of
worth, which means the drop of worth of taxes. .....
who is going to pay for those new libraries, sports
area's, city halls, fire stations, all of which was needed
for the new population...but now the market has dropped.

The taxes aren't coming in. The towns have to drop the
taxes valuations, some of them after all... they could end up
with the homes themselves for auction, for taxes.. and again...
sold for $5 on the $100.

It is very scary for these little towns who have new found money.
What is going to happen to them? What happens to us? Even if they
cut our value on our homes... the property tax has to go up to pay for
the outstanding bills of the new items the town has bought.

It won't happen right away... maybe 3 or 5 years down the road.
All this time feeling comfortable with the thoughts of extra money.
Figuring new buildings and wants, are affordable.. but will it?
At what cost to us who stay?


PinkAcorn said...

Yeah, I hear you! And...some guy on this site called some locals "NIMBY". If you scroll down to "The Skinny On Sandpoint". Of course he's selling real estate...

Anonymous said...

Wow! Some Realtor you said not long ago in your comments. Let me be clear. We are involved with six charities, catered the Lakedance Film Festival for free, put on seven art shows this year, including the five day Sandpoint Art Break at the Cedar Street Bridge, provided Lost in the 50s with a free web site, likewise for Bonner Healing Garden, plus five others, mentored seven new businesses, donated over $18,000 to those that needed it this year, and have hosted two community radio shows for three years: North Idaho Business and North Idaho Arts. We did all of that on our dime. I personally give between 5 and 25 hours a week to our community, and owned one of the oldest, and certainly the busiest restaurants in our community. Married for 20 years, and love North Idaho. Just wondering, what have you done for our community this year? Besides not read the articles I write too clearly. Sure, I do real estate, but have provided countless jobs and energy to our community. I live here full time, and though I don't have much against CA, if all you have is one-liners to denigrate others without doing much research, then you might want to keep it to yourself. BTW, Sandpoint Magazine just named our website one of the four best community websites in North Idaho. Not that it matters much to you, but we did that one for our community also. Free.

Word Tosser said...

anonymous ... guess my former commenter hit on a sore spot. She does do a lot, she is a nurse, and takes care of her own parents, and helps out on their farm just south of town. That doesn't come close to what you decribe.
I praise volunteers ... always have. But you got to understand. There are a lot of little people out there, who are being step over. And while your festivals and art breaks are wonderful for the town, the ones who are making less than $25,000 a year are still not in the running. They are too busy trying to make ends meet. Trying to stay in a apt. or what ever... on the wages. I can see that buy your comments you are in the upper bracket. And there is nothing wrong with that. But you also have to understand ..not everyone got the breaks you got. Even though they work hard too. It is nice that you have given back to the community. And if you own one of the oldest resturants here, then I probably at one time or another been there.
So maybe there is to be compassion on both sides.. Remember that when you see a single mom, who is trying her best to do well..
I don't normally answer those who won't leave a name...but you seem to be pretty upset.. just trying to get you to understand the other side too.

gpltlc said...

My name is Gary Lirette, and I owned Walker Donuts and Wigley's in downtown Sandpoint. I have worked with the Hospice as their director, Debra Kellerman, can tell you. I have donated many hours to several older and great locals, like Bev Hotts. This year, I helped several young and not-so-affluent folks get into homes that cost well under $150,000. Right now, we are getting Christmas gifts, including underwear and shoes, for 150 kids that otherwise might not have a holiday, much less presents. This is through our charity "The Giving Tree." I helped start the Culinary Program with Goodwill to train those in need of a job. I absolutely don't come from money, and you can judge me from a two sentence blurb all you want. I give almost 35% of my income to charity, take care of my family (and parents), have busted my ass and knuckles for people in need, and never once asked them how much money they earned. I donate my time for free with my community radio shows, have worked with Judy Baird and the Chamber of Commerce over 100 times in the last four years to better my community, donated for the community, and am so, so proud of Sandpoint, North Idaho, and everything we stand for: Tolerance, being good neighbors, and giving back. I wouldn't for a minute like a newcomer to think that it is okay to accept a "NIMBY" attitude, considering that 75% of Idaho's population came from somewhere else. I don't for a minute doubt that you, or anyone else here, has not done right by their families and community. We are all good people. So am I. If you want to call me otherwise, that may be your right. It is also my right set the record straight. If you think I am some rich jerk that only does things to benefit the rich, call me anytime. I would be happy to give you a more thorough accounting of what I have done for Sandpoint and North Idaho. Better yet, wait until you need something that is crucial to your family. You might see me right behind you, lending a hand. All kidding aside, if you do ever need some help, or the inside line on info you may need, you may not care for me in any way, but I won't turn my back on you.

Gary Lirette