Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I am a simple life gal.

I like life in the middle of the
road, not in the fast lane. Yet
I feel like life is pulling at me to
join the fast lane.

There was a book called 1984, and
it was about how our lives were
not really going to be our own. And
I believe everyone or most people took
from it, the phase, "Big Brother is watching

After watching U-Tube, (and I have watched
a limited amount) and I Caught on a television show
last night and other news items over the years.
I don't think it is so much BIG BROTHER is
watching you...but EVERYONE could be and
might be watching you.

No matter where you are. In a school, at a
nightclub, walking down the street, you name
it... some one can be videoing you. By camera
or phone. To me, as a fairly private person, that is

I guess in a way, people are getting
paid back for their need to know. Case in
point, the newspapers and television coverage
of stars. Independent camera men/women taking
pictures of the stars and selling it to the highest
bidder. And we, as the public, watching the show
or buying the paper or magazine. Now the tables
are reversed. Everyone is taking pictures of
everyone, and puts it on the internet.

Pictures you thought were private, now because
of a jealous person, or some one who thinks
they can claim fame, will put it on the internet
and get millions of hits. Everyone hears about
it, the site is passed around in emails for people
to go look. And some of us do. I watch the animal
ones. But there are millions who look at people.

Some are funny and don't harm, but some are
something that a laps of judgment can come
to haunt the person. Like the police officer who
accidental shot off a gun in a classroom, shot
himself in the foot and now because of a camera,
has shot himself in his pride, and job for all to
see. Millions.

Yes, life is getting too complicated and fast for
me. How about you? Do you adjust what you
wear, how you act, just in case some one thinks
you are internet worthy?

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