Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Faster We Go....

The faster we go with computers
in our lives, the more behind we
get in some areas..

Those of us who have computers
seem to think that we have most
of the world at our finger tips. As
it happens, we know shortly after.

Last night is an example of how
there is a lot of areas in our lives
we don't...

I tried until 11:30 p.m. to get the
results of the election here in
Bonner County. There was only
one, that I got to know the outcome
before I went to bed... got to know it
at about 10 p.m. And that is, who is the
Mayor of Dover. And that I found out
by reading the Spokesman Review
blog called Huckleberries blog. Which
is out of Coeur d' Alene. Sad..

What is even more sad, I went to the
City of Sandpoint site to get the info
for Sandpoint, only to get greeted by
the one line... Election results coming
soon. Kind of like the sign you see in
an empty field about a business coming
soon. For years.

I went to the Bee site, but of course they
put in their entry in at around 9am in the morning
and never update it thru the day. I guess
their own city mayor race and council person
was not important enough stay the gamut and
go on line and give the results.

And the paper in the morning... well they put the
paper to bed before the results were known. So
this morning, the headlines again were large of,
Not even a word about Kootenai. And they had
all of those unopposed, so they could have
said they won, and tell us numbers later.

I did try the Bonner County site, but they had
2006 results on there.

I did go on the city site this morning...
and got the results for Sandpoint. I don't
know what time they posted the results.
They did say they were going to tell those
running first.. but really... after 11:30 pm?
Maybe Sandpoint needs the machines.
Too many to count by hand in 3 hours.

Well, at least Coeur d' Alene knew by
11:00 p.m. who won all the seats.

But again, it is the more we get ahead, the
more we get behind. Or maybe I should say,
the more we get ahead, the more we expect
to be ahead.

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Idaho Escapee said...

Hey, Cis...look at the bright side...lack of 'immediate' election news proves that you live in a SMALL town. It's the larger, more congested, frantic, up-all-night big cities that have 'instant everything'.

Did I tell you I used to live in Sandpoint once?