Thursday, November 29, 2007

Go to jail?

Go to jail for spanking your kids?

I am thankful that I have raised my
children. Even thought I just about
talked my kids into eternity, I did
spank them. Probably in my 28 years
(from the first one to the last one) of
raising children I handed out about
15 spankings. Spanking consisted
of 1 to 2 heavy whacks across the
butt with my hand. The old adage of
THAN YOU" did apply in my case.

One was my hand, the other emotionally.
I was raised in a house of corporal
punishment and got my share of
whippings. So I always made sure I
was cooled off before I handed down
my punishment (sent to room and etc).
And the kid had to really, really do
something wrong. Usually an attitude
adjustment, after talking didn't work.

How many jail cells do we have available
for these parents, who go to jail for
spanking? How much court time can be
allowed for the charges. I thought our
courts were all overloaded. I thought our
jail was overloaded. This isn't a ticket
giving deal. This is arrest and go to jail.
And for how long?

What about the parent lost time with
the child? Or how does the
child feel that Mom or Dad were sent
to jail because of them? What about
single parents. Do their children go into
the system until they get out. Foster care?

I do not condone child beating. But 3
swats across the butt? That is not child
abuse. This is not a jail thing. Maybe at
worse..parenting classes. And if you spanked
them once, do you go straight to jail?

You think kids are out of hand now? Wait
until they know their parents can go to jail.
And the time outs don't work.

What ever happen to parents knowing
what they were doing? How did our parent,
their parents before them and etc, ever get
it right, with out the government getting into
the picture?

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Betty said...

The kids already know that their teachers are powerless to discipline them effectively. And, they know that they have the upper hand with their parents, too, in many ways. That's what's wrong with them these days. They aren't ever held accountable for bad behavior. Just try sending a child to his room as punishment, when the room is a veritable toyland. A swat across the bottom can be pretty effective, when everything else has been tried.