Friday, November 30, 2007

I am getting tired of this protection stuff

You know I am kind of sick of the
government and companies looking
after me..

I am beginning to feel smothered...
After all they are trying to protect
me even when I didn't ask or need it.

One case is our old car... In 1989
Buick decided (it could be earlier too)
that they were afraid, I might open the
door of the car as it is running. And
while it is in gear. When the King got
it, and I went to get out of the car to
get the mail from the post office, the
door wouldn't open. It was locked.
It automatically locked as soon as
he put it in drive and we left the house.
He had to put it in park before I could
get it unlocked. Our Mercury is worse.
It locks the doors as I am opening the
door, while it is still in park. I have
gotten locked out twice. Now I carry
a spare key in my wallet. So if I
forget to hit the unlock button, as
I am getting out of the car, I can
get back in. (see previous blog
posting in Oct.)

I am sorry, but up until that time I
had been riding in cars for over 60
years (we got it in 2001). I never
once fell out of the a car. Heck I
didn't even fall off the stack of hay
on the truck that my dad drove
down the highway to home.
(boy, wouldn't he be put in jail
for child abuse, because there
weren't any seat belts on that
hay stack).

The governments and etc. want to
protect my feelings. They don't want
me to see and Christmas tree, have
a Merry Christmas, or have a Jewish
emblem or what ever religion type
thing. I am sorry, but I am from the town
that has the first Synagogue in the
United States. It never hurt my feelings
that the Jewish kids had days off,
that we didn't. And they got our days off

I am so sick of this political correctness.


Betty said...

I agree. Political correctness has gone way over the top.

JeanC said...

BRAVO!!!!! I'm another one who is sick to death of political correctness and government nannyism. I am more then capable of taking care of myself and making my own danged decisions.