Friday, November 09, 2007

Gas Prices and Traveling

Our local station has climbed
25 cents in two weeks.

Milk products have gone up
as well as produce. And I would
say that gas/diesel has a lot to
do with that.

Here we are heading to the holidays.
Thanksgiving is a big family holiday.
People travel by plane and car to get
to Grandma's house.

I wonder if most will stay home this year.
Between the fuel for the cars and trucks
and the plane's the cost are soaring.
I don't understand why diesel is even
more, as that is the left over product of
the refining of the oil. Doesn't make sense.

So are you having second thoughts of
traveling to family for Thanksgiving, or
are staying home and having with local

1 comment:

Idaho Escapee said...

Hi, Cis...since you always read my blog, I figured I owed ya a visit. How much is gas where yer at? Today, here, it went DOWN to $3.13 a gallon. Bah humbug; I ain't goin' anywhere for Thanksgiving. I figure it's a good day to stay in and watch football. Unless it's sunny on the coast. By the way, I think you should change your blog title: You do NOT have a 'simple' mind. I think you are quite wise.