Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Holiday Tipping...

Who do you tip?
I have heard of tipping
the garbage man and the
newspaper person. Also I
have seen one that tipped
the postman.

Why? If any of this went to
the extra bounds in their job,
then maybe I could understand.

But when I saw one of my
neighbors, about 15 years ago,
in a door to door postal service,
(we don't have it here in our little
burg, we have to go to the post
office to get our mail.) give
the mailman a $10 bill, I could
not understand that. I even asked
her, if he did anything extra special.
She replied, "no, just brings me my
mail." I told her, this man makes
3 times the amount that I made and
he is just doing his job. She smiled.

Then there are the ones who give to
the garbage man. This man also makes
more money than I made by quite a bit.
Now granted, he has to work most
holidays (they don't pick up on Christmas
and Thanksgiving, I believe) but still, it is
their job and they are well paid for it.

And why should I give a tip for
his services. I am the one who has to
go down to the ditch and get my empty
trash can he threw to the ground, and it
rolled into the near by ditch. I am the
one who has to second guess when
to get my trash out there. As they have
come anywhere from 7:50 am to 5:pm.
For years it came in the afternoon. Some
where between 1:30 and 5 p.m. Then we
must have gotten a new driver, because he
comes in the morning usually around 10.
But has showed up a couple times before
8. And when my neighbor who didn't get
her trash out in time, called...only to be
informed that they pick up from 6:30 am
to 5 pm. We really don't care when, just
give us a 2 hour window and keep to it.

Then there is the paper delivery person.
Now this person I have gave a holiday
(don't want to hurt anyone's feelings,
by naming the holiday) tip. In the past.
But not the one I have now. I have been
skipped over twice. No, going down and
buying a paper and be given an extra
paper on my contract, isn't an option to me.
MORNING PAPER, is suppose to be
delivered in the morning... and the operative
word is DELIVERED. The other thing is,
lately our paper gets here anywhere from
5am to 9am. I like to enjoy, as much as
one can, with the news these days, my
coffee and paper together in the morning.

So why should I tip for getting my own
garbage can out of the ditch and late
papers, if they get here at all? I am
old fashion enough to think, tipping is
for going the extra mile. For great
service, not just doing your job.
Especially for those who make triple
my job wages. And in my line of work,
we could get fired for taking a tip.

So do you tip these? And who else
do you tip?

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