Wednesday, December 12, 2007


War is hell, why do we pretend it isn't?
Is the news media, the liberals, trying to
break down the CIA and the men who have
a job to do, breaking the enemy, to give
us the info we need to win a war?

Do they think that if we are nice to their
guys, they will be nice to ours? Haven't
they seen the tapes of the enemies cutting
off the heads on television of our men? That is
better than water on the face? Haven't they
seen our men hanging from bridges..their
burnt bodies hanging there? And they think
if we are nicer, they will be too.. NOT...

Over the years, what the Arm Services did
to get information from the enemy was not
up for public info. Why should it be now?
To tape the actions, doesn't make sense to
me, but to burn those tapes does. It is none
of the public business to know how they
handle it. WAR IS HELL.

The Japanese pulled the nails off of our
men's feet and hands to get our men to
talk. The Germans put electric wires to
the genitals of our men. And the Vietnamese
were not any better.How can we, as the public,
tie the hands of the Arm Services, CIA
and other agency that have a job to do?

This is not our citizen that they are doing it
to... it is the ENEMY... What part aren't
they understanding? WAR IS HELL...

Always has been, always will be, unless
we give in to the goody two shoes, who
don't want to see any harm come to anyone.
God help them, if their sons or daughters
go overseas and are caught by the enemy.
Then you will really know what HELL is, right in
our backyards.


PinkAcorn said...

A big thumbs up for this post !

The New Arch Druid's take on the news said...

Sorry to have to say this, but the CIA is not and never has been part of the U.S. Military. You want the DIA and the DIA hasn't been so far accused of acts of torture, videotaping it and then destroying the videotapes. To protect what and whom? Since the time that you have posted what I can only regard as utter ignorance and nonsense, there have been a number of terrorist incidents that obviously were never stopped by CIA activities re rendition, or our invading Iraq. In the news this week, Algeria has become a new target of Al Qaeda where over a hundred people died in twin car bomb attacks, the U.N. Headquarters in the capital city of Algiers was one of the targets.

So, what did we accomplish?

Now here is something for you to chew on as well, purportedly civilian agencies such as the VA that are accused of not reaching out to veterans (CNN) who suffer such high levels of PTSD that over a hundred Iraq war veterans have now taken their own lives. There is something to criticize here, but your post left most of it out.