Monday, December 17, 2007


We are in the count down... only
7 more shopping days. 7 more
days of parties, ho ho, Merry
Christmas and Happy New Year.
Or the quick to the point.. Happy
Holidays, that takes care of all of
it... of course the political correct
people are fine with that one.

We haven't been much in to Christmas
for the last several years. We do the
gift exchange. We have talked most
of our friends into doing cards only.
We have a few that we give breads,
cookies and etc. that we made.

But for the most part, we are a silent
Christmas. We do believe it to be the
Lord's birth date, but it isn't that. I didn't
really think about why, we aren't over
joyed with the idea of Christmas. And
neither one of us are really a bah humbug
type people.

But today, I think my daughter hit it
right. It is the lack of a small child in
our lives. Christmas is for children.
That is one of the reasons why I have
talked our friends into giving cards. So
they can use the money to buy a child,
be it theirs or their grandchildren, a gift.

Without the wonderment, and excitement
of a child as they see the tree. As they
see Santa, as they see the gifts, well,
it just isn't the same.

With the King, it was his mother. She
always loved Christmas. It was a great
day to her. So he would get caught up
in her ball of joy. But the first Christmas
without her, (she had passed 2 months
before), he just couldn't get the energy
together. He had played Santa at the
nursing home that she was in the year
before she passed. Got great joy out
of stopping by her room, to have Santa
give her a kiss on the cheek, the kids
in the dining room that screamed with
joy, as he walked into the room. But
after that..(7 years ago) he just couldn't
do it anymore.

So we will have a quiet Christmas
morning. Coffee, braid stolen bread,
and watching the parade on the
television... and then out to our
daughter's house, for the Christmas
cheer with her family and his too.
Good food, good conversation, and
just a nice time.

And then it is over... and New Years
will come quickly behind. Don't make
promise I can't keep, so no new
resolutions, just think of how we
can do things without lousing up
another year. And thankful for the
good things of the year passing.

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