Thursday, December 03, 2009

Christmas Lights....

I was busy on Monday getting the lights out.
I have unfolded the tree and hung it. We have one of
those flat Christmas trees. It works great in our space
lacking house. It hangs on the wall just great.

I got the Santa and reindeer with sleigh on the fence.
Checked out the lights on the fence and they are all
good to go.

House lights? I am one of those who people talk about.
My Christmas house lights are up year round. Got tired of
fighting to get them in the freezing cold of Dec. Also the
great thing about it is we can be found easy. Want to find
our house? Just let us know you are coming. And we
will turn on the lights, after all how many houses have
their Christmas lights on in the Also we
use them with the American Flag light we have for
July 4th.

Merry Christmas and Happy 4th of July.. we are ready.

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MarmiteToasty said...

Does that technically mean you're a 'redneck' LOL