Tuesday, December 01, 2009


When I got married at 19, I was fair cook.
I cut up my own chicken. Heck, I killed my own
chicken. I use to make my own bread. Potato
bread was one of my favorites.

When the kids got older, I did cinnamon rolls
from scratch. I made spaghetti sauce from scratch.
I made my own chili... and none of it came out of
a can. Well, the tomato sauce and paste I used

I made cakes from scratch and the icing to go with it.
We even made our own ice cream in the summer. First
with the crank and then with the electric one.

Then somewhere down the road, I got sloppy, and
bought Ragu instead of making my own, just throwing
in the meat and seasoned. Cake mixes came into the
picture as well as store bought bread,

And now if the recipe calls for over 4 ingredients, I skip
it. What happen to the drive and the pleasure of having
things come out of the work. Seems only Christmas
cooking I still do. The cookies and liqueur, breads,
and some times candies. But the rest... I am lazy.


Linda said...

Exactly my experience. Now that we have health issues and have to watch what we eat it really takes the fun out of cooking. These days I only 'visit' the kitchen and only for short 'visits.'

MarmiteToasty said...

Nah not lazy, maybe just cooked out.... I still cook everything from scratch everyday..... except me and Jacob was the only ones in on Friday so we did have Fish and Chips from the chippie, first time we have had a take-away for over a year LOL GOD IT WAS GOOD :)

I dont think I have ever bought a packet of cake mix though in me life LOL..... but we do sometimes buy some little cakes and things for lunchboxes and to have when there aint fresh made in the cupboard..... today there is Maderia cake and mango and currant T-bread and a tin of fairy cakes....