Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Why Tiger Woods?

I am sure as everyone else, I am tired of the Tiger Woods deal.
Why is it the media has to beat us over the head with a subject
or subjects until we are fed up and indifferent towards that subject?

They ask, Why Tiger? Why? My answer is why not Tiger? He is
a man. No, this isn't a man bashing post. I have still have a lot of
respect over all for the man and his golf game. Personally, I don't
even know the man, so I feel it is between he and his wife. No, I
don't think because he promotes himself as a product to do with
golf, he deserves what the media gives him. He does not promote
his family. There are rare pictures of his wife and children. He promotes
businesses. Golf or products such as Buick.

I felt the same way about Tiger and his wife, as I did (well maybe not as
much as) when I learned this past summer that one of our friend couples,
separated. It sadden us. Surprised us, we didn't have a clue, and felt
sad. Same thing with Tiger and his wife. It is sad, and I hope they
can repair it. They have children..


Dimple said...

Good comments, I agree.

Jeff said...

It continues because the American public craves a train wreck and the bigger they are the better. Can you think of anyone who has had a more squeaky clean image than Tiger Woods? He was practically touted as the second coming so to see that he's a real human being will keep the media going, I guess.