Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I really have a hard time with people of stupidity.
Those are the ones who do not use common sense
or if they do, they ignore it.
It isn't because they aren't smart enough, they just
rather blame someone else for their bad choices.

The latest is the GPS, that people buy for their cars.
We have one. And like it. The King calls ours, Bertha.
Especially when he has decided to take a short cut
that he is aware of and Bertha isn't. So she is constantly
saying, "recalculating, recalculating.".. trying to find her way
to our destination.

But it has come out that twice now, in a short time, two
different families followed the GPS directions. One is an
elderly couple and the other one is a young couple. The
elderly couple ended up in their car for 3 days before
finally, their cell phone got a signal. Traveling 30 miles down
a bad road. I don't know how far the young couple went, nor
do I know how long they were in their stuck car.

The breakdown is... the GPS will show where a road is.
And there was a road there, where they traveled. But
common sense tells you if the road had snow, lots of snow,
built up on this road, that MAYBE, JUST MAYBE you should
NOT follow it. GPS shows where there is a road, not road
conditions, or weather conditions. That is where you the
operator are suppose to have good judgment. Don't blame
the GPS for your bad choice.

Had the road been flooded would they still have drove on
that road because the GPS said there was a road there?
That is as bad as the guy who got up from his RV drivers
seat, after putting it in autodrive, to have a cup of coffee.

Come on, people, use your head.


Linda said...

Wonderful! Our family just discussed this very topic a few minutes ago after reading about it in the morning paper. We agree with you 100%.

Anonymous said...

we have 2 of them, named Hilary and the other Sara. They are the only women that get the last word in to Ray. We've had both over 3yrs now and they have taken us from WA to Louisiana, around Phoenix, all over. we love them. The one has the capacity to actually use voice command and communicate. but we are too old to try and figure that hi tech stuff out. I gotta call you sometime and visit.
I hope to go to Shari's the end of Jan for a week. maybe we can get together.