Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Voting for Obama...a year later...

Here we are a year later... and how do I feel about voting for Obama?

I know a lot of people will say I am naive, but I am still ok with voting
for Obama. Considering the choices given, I still glad I voted for him.

While there are somethings that I wish he handled better, and I am
not really happy with his choices of cabinet, still I am ok with it.

I think he brings class to the office. And yes, I think of John Kennedy
when I see the family pictures of him and his family.

Maybe I am not so upset as others is because I don't blame him for
a lot, that others do. I am also willing to wait and see what happens.

A lot of people are ready to criticize before he even finishes what he
has in mind. I also feel it takes a lot of time for things to change.
He was handed a big mess, like it or not, Bush people. A bigger
mess than either Obama or Biden even thought.

And probably I give him a pass because I understand the 101 of
government.... that being the President isn't really in charge of our
laws and rules... Congress is. Remember what I told you before.
ANY President who has brought an idea or bill to Congress, is
at their mercy. They can dump it on the floor right away. They
can table it, or they can run it thru and vote it out. So where does
he have control of it? Then Congress can come up with what ever
they please, run it thru if they get it out of committee, and send it
to the President. He can veto it....but ... Congress has another
shot at it... they get 2/3rds to override the veto... and it becomes
law anyway. Where does he have control over that?

President is a person who TRIES to do what he thinks is best,
CONGRESS decides if that is good or not. Other than that,
he is the one who is the head of the country for other countries to
meet with, as well as our Secretary of State.

So I don't get angry at the President, I get angry at CONGRESS.
And the worse of it all is .... as an Idahoian, I get upset with states,
such a California who send us the such horrible people, who have
been there long enough to make it miserable for us. That is where
limits would be we can't vote the bums out.

So I still feel ok with my vote, and sometimes wonder about those
who lost, what they would have done that they think is better. And
being one of them is still in Congress, why didn't he come up with a
better idea for the health bill and etc.? After all, Obama said months
ago, he was open for suggestions.

So do I still have HOPE????? Yes.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. I voted for him to and I'm happy with it. You are right, He adds class to the white house. No one can say he's dumb, because he is very intelligent I feel. I wish some of the people would give him an ya, Maureen