Thursday, December 10, 2009


How cold is it? Too damn cold...
We have had wake up temps ranging
from 0 to 5 and warming up to 12 to 17
during the day. As late as 11am we have
seen the single digit.

And then... then they add in the WIND CHILL FACTOR!
You can have 3 and with wind chill factor it can be
-20 depending on how windy it is... and we have had
from 5 to 47 mph winds. So you can see we are
fighting stinging faces, hands and etc.

I realize they add in the WIND CHILL FACTOR
for our protection.. but in my book there is the
cold, Idaho cold and DAMN IT IS FLAMING COLD.

I don't go out in DAMN IT IS FLAMING COLD.
For those of you die heart wind chill people, that
is anything below -10 in my book.

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MarmiteToasty said...

The weather is set to change here this coming week and they think we might even get a flutter of snow in the South...