Monday, December 21, 2009


When you are given a gift, do you write a thank you note?
Do you call instead? Or do you sit down and write out a
thank you note and mail it?
Or being we are more into internet, do you sent an email?
Or is just saying thank you, at the time the gift is given
to you, enough?

The Emily Post correctness is you write a note of thanks.
Not just a card, but to actually write a note of thanks and
how much you appreciate it. She would never go for the
email thank you note.

I know I was required, even as a small child, to write a note of thanks.
I also trained my children to write a note of thanks when it was a gift
sent to them. If they were hand given, then I let them off with just saying
thank you. Which they usually did on their own.

My own deal is... I just say thank you to the person as it is given.
If they mail one to me, then I either call, (because I think a phone call
is just as personal) or write a note.

If we are at a group gathering such as Christmas time, I say thank you,
as I open it and see it... and then before I leave the gathering, I go over
and tell the giver, thank you again.

So what is your procedure and what do you have your children do.
Do you write a note? Or is this a lost art?


Anonymous said...

I have step grandkids, girl and boy, 15 and 16, who have never sent me a thank you note or even called since they were born, much less sending me any cards or gifts,NEVER!!!. It leaves a bitter taste in my mouth and I really don't like to send them anything. I know their mother never taught them to appreciate gifts, just expect them. Now does that sound bitter? Well I guess I am. My other 10 granchildren and 13 great grandchildren are very appreciative. Now do you think it may be time for me to eliminate birthday/Christmas checks and other gifts to those two? If I do though it would be like the "War of the Roses" on the homefront with Grandpa. They never acknowledge his special days either.
Cis you have always been my "Dear Abby". Now you can be my Dr. Phil...
luv ya big sister

Anonymous said...

Oh, and by the way, as you know I taught my kids to write thank you notes and acknowledge all gifts too. I'm happy to say all 5 of them turned out to be PERFECT adults, huh Cis? tee hee