Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Are you the Anchor or the Anchoree?

When you step in to a room that is 98% strangers,
Are you the Anchor or Anchoree? If you aren’t
sure, let me explain. The Anchor is the person who
walks in and starts talking to strangers, and anyone
in the crowd. The Anchoree is the person who walks
into the same room, looks, searching for anyone they
might know. Anyone, doesn’t have to be a good friend,
and then heads to that person and talks to them, until
someone comes along and talks to them, and then leaps
from person to person.

I am kind of an Anchoree. But most of the time I am the
watchee, I grab a drink…coffee, glass of water, what ever,
just so I have something in my hands. I have a hard time
knowing what to do with my hands. Do I put them behind me,
in a Dr. Doolittle type? Or put them in my pocket, which
for a woman, that isn’t so cool. Unless maybe it is the back
pockets, no that doesn’t look too cool either. Folding them i
n front of you , doesn’t look well either. So if I have a glass,
bottle, or what ever, and I feel more at ease.. Then I will find
a wall, corner, chair to head to, and sit back and watch the people
of the room. I watch the body language, the search of the eyes,
the laughter (which is the best part) and then I am at ease.

So which are you? Anchor or Anchoree?

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Kay Dennison said...

I'm an Anchor -- definitely!!! My daughter once said that I was the only person she knew who could talk to a stranger for 10 minutes and have a new best friend. I'm not so much that way anymore due to some lessons in life (Sigh), but 'gregarious' is an adjective that fits me.