Monday, July 25, 2011

If these walls could talk....

Many of names have been hung on these old post...
The Manor House, Bert's, Outlaw, I believe was the last name hung there...

I heard it was called The Manor or The Manor House in the beginning and they

had the best steaks there as well as a bar...

As you can see, this building is boarded up... and it looks like it will join

another one like it ... that use to be down the road about half a mile.

Burnt by firemen, for practice... this is what happens to old building

that are decided to be of no use. This building has been here for well

over 50 years. But now will join some of the other Sandpoint, (Ponderay
in this case) buildings that the natives loved... IGA... Panhandle Mill,


Oh, if these walls could talk... the laughter, the tears, the fights, and the

joy. Music of Johnny Lawson for so many years... so many danced in this

old building... My last time in this building was a year or so ago. It was showing

it's age so very badly... and in the past couple of years, we would not have

been surprised to hear of it burning... The time before, it was so loud, so

smoky, we decided we were too old to go back. But we did do our share of

dancing in the years...

So if I see the black smoke heading for the sky, I will know that the end

has come to the past, and this old building.. thanks for the memories..Bert's.


Kay Dennison said...

I hate to see such lovely buildings fall into disuse.

stebbijo said...

I so remember this building. It was a weekend western dance affair for some of us and a contest or two with tight fitting jeans. (No, I did not enter, but back then I could have :-)) They had a few divorce parties there, too. :-) I remember this HUGE velvet picture of a blond - who looked exactly like this girl from Priest River, but it wasn't her - on the wall. It was very striking.