Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I am so disconnected...

I am a relic, I guess… as I get older, the more
disconnected I get.

If Verizon was smart, they would hold classes at
night for the electronic disable or better known
as those who can’t keep up with modern tec.

I gave up my cell phone when I retired. It was part of
the downsizing that had to be done. And to be honest
with you… I rarely miss it. The only time that I do,
is when I travel by myself. What if I have car trouble?
Even if I am in the city, there are fewer and fewer pay
phones. So for that reason, I miss having a cell phone.
I do carry my old unconnected cell phone with me, as
they say you can call 911 on it.. So that is in the glove

But an I-phone, or any smart phone is lost on me. I
feel so inadequate. I sit in amazement when my
grandson whizzes thru his cell phone and does so
many things. I used my Yahtzee box to show me how
he can scan the bar code, find out the price, where to
buy it, and where has the best price. He bluebooked
his truck that he bought, right on the sales lot.

But with this, it isn’t just the knowledge but the reason
why I gave up my cell phone was the price. We were
paying $72 for 450 minutes for two phones. So we down
sized to one cell phone for $43.+ for the same minutes.
Crazy to pay an extra $30 for a phone I left on the table most of the time.

But even updating that phone was a hassle as we just
wanted a phone, not something that did so much more
than my husband understands. Being his is an umbilical
cord for him to connect him to his friends.. he has to have one..
But me, I kind of like not be connect 24/7. I will find
out things in a due time, it isn’t important to me, to know
everything as it happens. Or have myself connect to another,
and available at all times.. the freedom is wonderful.
Just like when I was younger.
Can’t think of anything that I have or had regrets not knowing right away.

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Kay Dennison said...

I have no interest in the iPhone. I spend enough time on the Internet and I don't need it following me around 24/7. I keep my cell because I like the free long distance with friends and family living out of town.