Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bragging rights....

You might notice in the blog listing, there is a new one there.
If you love old cars, or restored, customized cars or trucks, then
this site is for you.

The red hot rod, I got to ride in about 2 years ago when we went to
Wisconsin. I wrote about it in my blog. That is the one where the young
man drove what felt like 80mph down the country road (actually about 60)
did a donut and headed back up the road. A thrill for this old gal, but I did
have thoughts of headlines reading… “Fat lady grandmother, dies in flipped
hot rod”. As the rod would wiggle back and forth as he hit the gas and took

The Cadzilla, the King got to ride in as well. We have a picture of it on
its nose up in the air, in a huge hole, where it quit and then the son of the young man had to pour oil into the motor as it was restarted and came out of the hole. Quite a ride for the King.

Now these pieces of workmanship are up for sale. And the garage has moved
to the state of Washington. And the website went up on Tuesday. Still under
construction, but there is quite a bit to see.

So go check out the pictures of the ones that are now for sale and see the workmanship… and also you can see the projects of today…

And the bragging rights? You see this young man, I am proud to call SON.
He has been referred to as Son #2 on this blog from time to time… he is the
one who went down the slag piles on a go cart from the dump, with his brother
in the rear, and when that older brother complained about this boy’s driving skills, he handed the removable steering wheel back to the older brother and told him … “see if you can do better”………just before the cart went up on the side wheels and tumble down the hill…. I am glad to report that both of them have improved in their driving skills……….some what.. lol…

So click on TOYLAND… and check out the vehicles…

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