Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oh no...I am becoming my mother...

I was in the store the other day,
and there was a child running thru
The aisle… screaming, grabbing a can
off of the shelf.. when my interthought
said…”where is your mother”?….
shortly ..maybe seconds later, around the corner
comes a cart pushed by a woman,
who is taking the child’s behavior in stride.
“Bobby, leave that alone”, and she pushes the cart by him.

Also as I was walking into a store,
stopping by to get a cart, and
there stands a young man with his family…
with dark hair in front by his bangs, to
about mid way on his head…
then there was longer hair, really curly hair, like a perm…
and it was colored PINK.
Thought to myself, just when you think you have seen it all,
then you are proven wrong.

These are very much like my mother’s sayings
as she was aging.
Thinking she wasn’t very tolerate of the young, at the time…
I now find myself muttering these very same words..

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