Thursday, July 28, 2011

I am not deaf...You just...

My kids have thought I had selective hearing for years..
I seem to be able to hear what I wanted and ignored the
rest. I knew by their voices if it was important enough to listen or wait a bit. And things they didn’t want me to hear, I heard quite well. I had selective hearing by choice.

But now… I have selective hearing, but not by choice. Some voices I can hear pretty well, and others, well, it seems like I keep asking for them to repeat. Of course the soft spoken voices are the worse for me.

I saw a couple of tee shirts that made me laugh..because they were so true..
“I am not deaf, you aren't talking loud enough”
“yes, I am hard of hearing, I am saving up for hearing aides, do you want to donate to help?”

Hearing aides start at $1,000. Yes you can get them cheaper but you are wasting your money. Heck I spent $1,000 an ear and I wasted my money... I couldn't hear the preacher up front, but I could hear the gossip in 3 pews behind me.

And Medicare doesn’t cover hearing aides. Medicare/Government could care less if you can hear, see (no glass coverage) or eat your food well (no denture care cover either). By George, you can get Vigara, and etc. But don’t ask to hear, or see or chew food.

So here we are in our golden years… in case you haven’t gotten there, and looking forward to those “Golden Years” I am letting you know the Golden is the doctors, who you have to pay out of pocket, and your social life becomes doctor appointments.
And if you cheapen out with those little gadgets they advertise on tv for hard of hearing… and if you spend the $19.95, you will be able to hear across the street or across the room.. save you money… they are right in line with hair grower, bust builders, and the rest of the money grabbing gadgets.

So pardon me if I don’t hear you…. Maybe it is because you aren’t talking loud enough…

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marlu said...

I am experiencing the same thing.
Some voices do not carry well (or that's what I think!)
Others I can hear quite plainly.
Even all my wrinkles and grey hair do not impress people that they need to speak up if they want me to respond.
Even my doctor told me not to waste money on hearing aids: "They don't work."