Thursday, July 07, 2011

Children getting older....

I know I am getting older.. well, we all are, and it sure beats the alterative.

But as my children’s birthdays come and go, I realize… MY KIDS ARE GETTING OLD… lol… guess I always think of them in their 20’s and not think about their actual age, even tho their children are now in their 20’s. But my kids like me, act like they are still in their 20’s. Which I am glad.

But as number 5 child, turns 45 today… it comes time to realize, they are in the prime of their lives. Most of the kids are child free by now.. their children are on their own.. or have children of their own.. I am up to 8 great grandchildren now. So my children are grandparents now, and yet free to do the extra things in life that you don’t get to do when you have children still living at home. More traveling, more toys, (for them, not the kids) and enjoying life. With the responsibilities shifted to their children, and they get to enjoy their grandchildren.

And as I have told my children… the greatest revenge I have on their childhood, is when I became a grandmother. Now it is their time.


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