Wednesday, July 06, 2011

But Gut Feelings Don't Count....

As everyone reacts to the Casey Anthony case, I have to say,
gut feelings don’t count.

I, too, was disappointed in the outcome. I felt she was guilty.
After all, who else? Who would put a heart on the tape? I know
we can all react differently to grief. The lost of a child.. but to party
while you tell others that your child is with a nanny? Which was a
lie. Your child missing for 30 DAYS??? AND YOU DON’T SAY ANY
THING? HOW, WHY? It would take one warped person to do as she
did. So who else would have done it? No, I am not buying into the story
of the child drowning accidentally and they panic. I am not buying her father and brother abused her.

But I have to be honest. If I was a jury person, (and I would take that very
serious) I would weigh the pro’s and con’s. I would try my best to make
sense of the case. And I would look at the hard evidence. So when I
made my decision.. I would have no doubt that the person really did do

While the prosecutor had a lot of close information. Very close, but there was not the smoking gun. There was nothing to actually link Casey to the death directly. And if I could not see any hard evidence to link her… well, I would have to do just like the jury did. They evidently had reasonable doubt.

I have gut feeling she did it and got away with it. I believe her parents believe she did it as well. But they, too, can’t say for sure, without a doubt she did it.

There is only one person who really knows and she will never tell, unless she gets stupid. And who knows, she could… but even if she did admit it now.. there is nothing the law can do about her. She is free. Guilty or not, she is free to do as she pleases… Well, as soon as she gets done doing the one year left on for lying to the police… She gets 4 years for that, and given credit for the 3 years she has done.

Yep, I have gut feeling that she really did do it…but gut feeling’s don’t count.


Big Piney Woods Cats said...

She better be watching over her shoulder all the time and never let her guard down! Such a shame, such a darling little girl and the one person in the world she thought she could trust!!! Sickens me.

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

and.......she is getting out Sunday! She is free to party and make money off a book deal and movie! Justice, I think not.