Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Trials and Tribs of doing projects with your spouse

How well do you and your spouse do, when you do a house hold project?
Be it in the house or out in the yard?
The King and I do fairly well, when it is an outside project. But this indoor
project is a continuous round of pleasure… NOT..

We started off fairly well. Actually even better than that. It was a happy
time, as we were finally realizing a 12 year dream. As I said, I painted my
kitchen cupboards orange in hopes to get him started and that was 5 years ago. But this year is the time… and this summer is it. It took a total of about
3 weeks altogether to get the 1/3 we have done. The next 2/3 (meaning a bigger area) has only been a week and half, and I don’t know why but we
are not doing as well.

I don’t know if it is because we have been at this since end of May when we bought the cabinets for the first section and it is still going on and we are running out of patience or are we sick of cleaning, and sanding, and puttying, drywalling, and the whole kit and kaddllebootle.

Normally when we do a project it isn’t really much fun for anyone around us, as we seem to go back and forth and people seem to think we are fighting…
We weren’t fighting, we were… well, let’s see, bickering? Venting? Jokingly? And we don’t think anything of it, until someone says something about it and we are shocked that they think we are fighting.

It has gotten better, as I have found keeping my mouth shut for the most part helps. Men don’t seem to like suggestions. So if it does seem a little out of place, I will say… can I ask a dumb question? (it helps if your spouse knows you think it is a dumb question) or have you thought of doing it this way? That has to be approached in the kindest of voice, as the male gender does NOT like suggestions from females. So you have to step gently, and pick your battles. It is better to keep your mouth shut and let the thing go wrong, and then suggest another option. But what ever you do, you DON’T laugh when it goes wrong. Your spouse’s sense of humor is very thin at that time.

So if all goes right, we might have this done next week. I have two other projects, but I think we need a break. Besides I have 16 totes to go thru and find out where the heck I am going to put all that stuff… that I am not looking forward to. As I know I will have to downsize and get rid of things I don’t use enough. I already have two, no, make that 3, rubbermaid closets in the garage, for pie pans, loaf pans and etc. All metal in one , all plastic or rubber in another and small appliances in the 3rd. Geesh, so much STUFF…

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