Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Migration...

In about a week, there will be the beginning of the Christmas migration.
The hard times of Christmas. Taking a lot of trust and flow of tears.
Then to be continuted thru the holiday… ending with hopefully a peaceful
migration back.

This is when the airlines get inundated with children. Children who will need
an airline personal to escort them to the proper place at the proper time.
And hopefully the airline will not foul up, like they have in the past. I think last year they lost two children, got sent to different parts of the country.

This is a hard time on the parents involved… and depending on how they handle it, is how well the kids will handle it. It takes a lot of trust on both sides.

I am talking about the traveling children of divorced parents. It is stressful.
As all divorced parents don’t play fair. Sometimes using their children as pawns.
Pawns for their own ego’s. Hopefully time will mellow these parents and they will figure it out, it isn’t about them, it is about the children.

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