Thursday, December 15, 2011

Failure to Commuicate...

I am not talking about the normal every day type of communication. I am talking about what they commonly called the, what we have here, is the failure to communicate..

The times that some people can really get to you and certain words fly. Now Bill Cosby has it right… that those who cuss are people who ran out of intelligent things to say to get their point across.

But there are times… when my feelings get so hurt, I am being treated so disrespectful,(words to explain they teed me off) and the person has pushed my buttons so badly, that intelligence is not quite in play, and I realize, the words do fly. My own children, when they heard the beginning of such words, knew it was time to vacate the area, as they knew they had gone over the limit.
Those words are so bad, that I could not type them here. Oh, I could really, after all this is my blog. But no child be allowed to read my blog again, and my Christian friends would never talk to me again.

But darn it, somehow …. some how the release of those other words does let off the steam that was building up, and “Oh, shucky darn, you should not have said that or did that to me”, just doesn’t cover it…

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