Thursday, December 01, 2011

Attention, holiday political correct police...

What do you call the holiday when you talk about it in general?
As I have caught flak and see others catch flak for saying Happy Holidays.

This is a term or saying I have had for years.. before it fell from grace of the times of politicial correct police. I have said, I wish you happy holidays… I have written, Happy Holidays on cards… been doing for … what 20, 30 years? I start about this time of the year.

Why do I do this? Because I don’t feel like I have to list each one to say to enjoy these holidays… Do I really have to stand there, or write/say.. Happy Thanksgiving, and Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year… or can I say Happy Holidays?

I do say Merry Christmas, when it is very near that day… and on that day. I greet people the morning of…with MERRY CHRISTMAS…. But in general… I say Happy Holidays.. I also say it with inclusions of other religions too…

I was raised in the town of the oldest Synagogues in this nation.. The Touro Synagogue, 1600’s (before the USA.) so I was raised around a lot of Jewish kids… they would wish us Merry Christmas and we would wish them Happy Hanukkah. And we didn’t get mad when they had Yon Kipper off and we didn’t.
So chill out people…

So for now…HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! On December 24 I will tell you Merry Christmas….. and December 31st Eve. I will tell you Happy New Years!

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Betty said...

Good for you! I think "Happy Holidays" is a perfect all inclusive way to acknowledge all the holidays.

So, Happy Holidays to you, too!