Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Food terms that brings terror to the faces of your family..

Smorgasboard is another word for leftovers… It is a way of creative
mixing all the boxes or bags of food you put in the refrigerator for your
husband to eat for lunch and he didn’t… so now he gets all of them in
one meal…

Chef's Surprise, brought terror to my children faces, and still does for my
husband. It was not having a clue of what to make, so you make up something that none of you have ever ate before..

Freezer Roulette means picking unknown items in the freezer. You know the stuff you put in the container or bag, but now you can’t figure out what it is, so you have to thaw it out so you can recognize it once again.. and then force to so
something with it… or throw it away… of course, your husband is opting for the throw it away.. But one time it was something he put in, that I could not figure out what it was.. so I made something with it.. turn out to be a grouse that he was saving. Saving for what.. the second coming?

Why is it we think we will eat some of this stuff that we put in the freezer? After all if we had it in the refrigerator for a couple days, and no one eats it… what makes us think we will eat it a month or so, when we look thru all the containers?
Of course, desserts don’t count.. they are good in any form, or later…

So what is your terms for your food that brings terror to your families faces?


Betty said...

I don't like leftovers. So, I generally cook only enough for one night. Except for weekends, when we make something that will go two nights, so we can have a night off. This is usually soup or stew or meatloaf, that will be good the second day. I never freeze leftovers.

Claudette said...

When my children were younger it was soup made from everything in the fridge it was a mystery sometimes it tasted so good I wish I had wrote down how much of what the other times it was okay.