Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Lairs of Politics...

Once again we have a stand by your man woman.
Standing in front of the media, saying this is not,
this man’s nature to do… fill in the blank. This time
it is Mrs. Herman Cain… whose husband is running for president.

She is taking quite a slam thru the talk shows women, who think they know her.. or shake their heads as they speak of her.
In all honesty, I don’t know if what she speaks is the truth. And in this day and age of politics as normal we know the biggest liars of them all, are politicians. They are, with their “people”. Oh, I forgot it isn’t a lie when they say it, it is a spin. Spin is just another way of saying lies. Just they figure we are too stupid to realize the difference. And judging some of the words you hear, that might be right.

See I am a cynic as well, as one who doesn’t believe everything she hears. I remember the great Bush lie.. oops, spin… on McCain when they were running as Republican president candidate. Where Bushes group spread the word of how McCain’s adopted child was his illegitimate child, born out of wedlock. Rather than see his family destroyed… McCain folded. Which that in its self was not good. Too bad he didn’t show strength. Tell his child of people’s lies.. and have his wife and he, stand up and call Bush on his lies.
Same thing with Perot, another one who lies/spins were against his family. So when the stories start coming out.. It is hard to believe everything you read. And having the ambulance lawyer like Allred, is like having Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton show up.

Besides, didn’t our parents teach us to believe half of what you read/hear and ¼ of what you see?

Me, I will judge Mr. Cain by his issues.. not the personal ones. At least for now. So far he has show a couple of ideas, which sound good, until you read all of them and what they truly mean.
And so far… next November is going to be a bust… at least for me.
Once again it will be a vote of the less of the two evils.. and who knows, I might vote like I did in the Bush/Kerry one.. ‘NONE OF THE ABOVE. Sometime, you just got to do, what you got to do.

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