Sunday, November 20, 2011

Occupy what? and Why?

We have been subjected to the media about the Occupy
______________, you fill in the blank.

It is still in disarray, no matter where it is at.
Even though the media has had reporters down in the middle asking people what is it that they want. No one seems to really know. And definitely no two people come up with the same answer of “hum haw, of let me see, I want jobs, I want us to have money.
Power to the People”… and etc. Which I have mention in previous posting, and it hasn’t gotten any better… also the fact that how many are really there for the original reasoning. How many are free loaders? There for a place to stay, a place for free food, even free health… and a place to spout off what ever comes to their mind, even if it has nothing to do with what the reason is. There is talk of a library being there… come on people, you are not a flaming city.

The other thing that makes me wonder, is why are the cities allowing it.. right from the get go, when the crowds were smaller.
After all if you are a group, and you want to have a public parade, you have to have a permit. A permit of what, where and how many. So they could have been told to leave or be arrested for having no permit. Even if they get a permit, there should be a time limit.. And no, gathering in the town square, at the beginning of a bridge, is not a right.

Now let’s put this into another context… what if this was the National Rifle Association, who decided, they don’t like the gun laws, and etc… and they gathered, like these Occupy people. How long would not only the cities tolerate it, but all the non gun people. And there are a lot of them.. And what about any other group. We have the Aryan Nation, and God forbid (no pun intended) what about the Muslims? What if they were to protest that they are profiled across the nation, and therefore deserve better respect? Would all of you people who are romanticizing this group, be so thrilled?

How can you stand behind at group of unruly people, who camp out, make a mess of your city, have people being hurt, raped and etc. And then when the police come and tell them they have to vacate, turn it into a riot. What right do they have to make a mess, have the strain on the cities for police protection.. of the cities as well, as their (for a nice word) rearends as well. What makes the media, show the people who are having the sit out…but not of the injuries, of some of the people. And when the police have to enforce their Mayor’s words of removal… after warning the people don’t leave, what do you think they should do? Say oh, sorry, you don’t want to obey the law, we will turn our backs. It is ok… now remember, the Muslims, the NRA… and etc. groups, would you say that is ok too? When they are asked to leave.. given a dead line of the next day to be removed their things… and no one does.. Just what do you think? You think 2 months is not enough to get their worries over to the public?

Sorry, I have lost my respect for these people. And I don’t care if you are 85 years old… the law is the law.. you have been asked to leave nicely… you were told what was going to happen…
Nope, you are responsible for what happens to you now.

By the way, so far, I have not heard of any foreign country trying to tell us how to take care of this mess… which is more than I can say for us, when the foreign countries have trouble with their citizens. No one is shooting anyone here, some say.. I thought there was one.. but even so… what if it starts, there is already talk of throwing a Molotov bomb in Macy’s.. how many others will take up the call of violence? It is only a matter of time.

Yes, Occupy what ever… you have had your 15 minutes of fame, over the past two months…now if you REALLY want change, then go about it the proper way. Start by running for council in your own town, then in the Senate or House of your state, and make changes… go to council meetings, go to Senate meetings, go see and talk calmly to your Senator or Representative.. have solutions to your problems.. because yelling in the streets is on our deaf ears now.. As the people who are barely hanging on, job and home wise, don’t need more taxes to pay for your antics.

You are not going to change in 2 months.. what has gone down hill for 100 years… especially the last 50. Get off the entitlement train, and start looking for solutions, real ideas, real problem solving solutions.. not yelling in the town square.


Kay Dennison said...

The reason that they aren't giving up is that traditional methods for change have not worked and people are desperate. I understand why they are upset.

Betty said...

Kay is right. And, by the way, they know exactly why they are there. The media just finds people who don't seem able to express themselves well. Democracy is messy and can be inconvenient. But, peaceful protest is protected by the constitution. At least, it is so far. They are making a difference, just as the civil rights sit-ins and the anti war protests made a difference, but they took a lot longer than two months.