Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Spam ...isn't just online

Those of us over the age of 65 have been overwhelmed with
mail for the past 3 months… and thankfully it will end
next week on the 7th of December…

No, I am not talking about Christmas charities, which is
also heavy in the mail. What I am referring to is the Supplement
Insurance offers. Some of them are so deceptive. I have had
some that come looking like it is from Social Security itself.
A lot of them have AARP on them. But there are others.

My biggest worry is not if my shred machine is going to wear out
thru all of this.. because that is where mine go.. but of those who
are not up on what spam looks like. That don’t read all of what is
on them, to know it didn’t come from the Social Security Office.

And how many of them are frauds? So if you have elderly parents,
and see their mail, check it out… if you don’t see their mail or live
in another state, talk to them about it.

Most of us have agents who handle our supplement insurance. So
if in doubt, ask them. There was one a couple years ago that sounded
too good to be true… and it was.. When they offer it for $9.00 a month
and throws in a health club membership for little to nothing.. You know
there is a side effect to all of this. Limited coverage, and other hidden
policies limitations… so be careful out there.. Read everything well.
Ask around before you make a decision. The new limitations that Congress
wants to pass, could be effected by these policies as well.

Be informed… if you don’t understand… ask someone.. Remember the
only dumb question is the one you didn’t ask and cost you money.

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Kay Dennison said...

I swear forests of trees were decimated to send me all that crapola!!! I turn 65 next year so I have to make some decisions and find all this daunting amd confusing so I'm calling the office at the foundation where I receive my healthcare and asking them to help me choose and letting me know what programs they accept and which are best for my needs. I love the doctors and staff in this practice -- basically a non-profit and greatly respected -- and I don't want to have to change doctors. Makes sense to me.