Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sometimes you just wonder how things happen....

In this Michael Jackson case, where the Dr. is up for
sentencing now that they found him guilt. One thing
I don’t understand.. how did he get possession of that
much drug?

I know he is a doctor.. but really, this is a drug that is
to be used in a hospital only.. so how does ANY doctor
order out that drug from the hospital? And that much.
Hell, he had enough to put an elephant herd to sleep. And
this is not the first time Jackson had it at his home. Even
had a nickname for it.. milk. He was trying to break himself
of the habit supposedly, but that night begged for it. So that shows he had it before.

I worked in a health care center for 17+ years. And those nurses
had to count each pill, before they turn over the cart to the next shift. Every nurse, every cart… and they had to count what was in
the med room. One time when there wasn’t a nurse around to count with the on coming nurse… I was asked to witness the counting for the on coming nurse. (Nurse had to leave because she was sick)

My understanding that hospitals have to do the same.. So where
didn’t it bring down the red flag? It is my understanding.. that he
didn’t buy it thru a black market type of deal… so how did he get
his hands on that much? I heard from one of the news it was 4 gallons? Surely that must be a mistake.. 4 bottles maybe, surely it
wasn’t 4 gallons worth. But I think the hospital or supplier should
have to be accountable to how it got in the good doctors hands. Who signed this stuff out?

Next, there should be blame spread around. Don’t get me wrong, I
think the doctor should have been found guilty. No doctor should have a patient overrule good judgment. If I don’t do what my doctor says, he would tell me to go else where. But of course there was a lot of money involved. But still. Blame should also go to
Mr. Jackson, himself… after all he is the one who asked, begged for it.. and he was far from a victim here. Same thing with his family… same thing with Elvis If you really think your family member could die from drugs.. you need to do a family meeting with that person.. intervention. If you can’t get to them.. call the police.. drugs are illegal.. The star could have his/her career effected? Well, that is better than being dead?

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