Monday, November 14, 2011

Why I love living in Bonner County, Idaho

When the King goes hunting, and I ride along.... he shoots with a gun, and I shoot with a camera.
As you will see, I got more shoots than he did... not a deer in sight.
This is just a 20 minute ride from our house... but a nice slow ride thru just one of our ridges.
Looking through our windshield...

As you can see winter has come to the high ridge... Everything looks so beautiful..

Trees with their snow coats on...

This is a branch that is hanging over the road...

we slowly go under, so we don't break our antenna, and scratch the truck.. or

break Mother Nature's branches... this is a view was the branch goes across the

windshield... a few leaves still on.. in the snow..
there are many of trees that lean with the heavy snow across the road.

As we got thru each one slowly, the snow flies, and the trees stand at attention once again.
As we came out of the woods, and back to civilization... here was a flock of wild


And around the corner we come to see across the valley, to the mountians.. and



Anonymous said...

You certainly had the better day.

Betty said...

It's nice to see that it is winter somewhere. Beautiful photos! The temperature here will be in the upper 70's today and tomorrow. This is unusual for this time of year. But, what else is new?