Friday, November 18, 2011

Regis is gone....

Why is it I hedge the fact that I watch Regis and Kelly Live?

After all it is just a show… with two people. Not rock star type of people…just slightly higher than the average people. But for some reason, I enjoy looking over the top of my paper, walking by with the laundry, and seeing what Regis has to say. I have to say, that the part I like the best is the first 15 minutes. The rest depends on the guest or skit they do.

I started out with Regis back 50 years ago when I lived in San Diego, California. He had a noon type show with, I believe Mary Hart. It was a fun show and a nice back ground as I fed the kids lunch. Then the Joey Bishop Show.. but Regis doesn’t wear well as a lower sidekick. It was like he worshipped Joey. And it wasn’t that great to watch. Then years went by, and I caught up with Regis on national TV in the morning with Kathy Lee. They worked well together. Then Kathy Lee left. And Kelly Ripa joined him.
I knew Kelly from All My Children. And I didn’t think this was going to work very well. To my surprise it worked out better than he did with Kathy Lee. And it is funny, as Kathy Lee caught heck a lot…because she talked about her kids on the show… and as Kelly’s children came, she talks about the kids just as much. I kind of liked it as it made both women more human.. and you can work and raises kids too.

I kind of took Regis for granted. But realize how important he was, when he wasn’t there and someone else was with Kelly. The only one who filled in, for him that worked well, was Kelly’s own husband. Same thing worked the other way. When Kelly is gone for her family vacation, the only fill in who worked well with Regis, is Joy, his wife. So it will be interesting to see who they chose to replace Regis. He is a little man, but he has big shoes to fill. As he is the sneaky kind.. someone who you think it is ok that he isn’t there… until…. He isn’t.

Maybe part of the attraction is that Regis remind of my father.
They both are/were (dad is gone) short, both have black hair in their youth, and freckles, both have a wide grin.. and dancing eyes when up to mischief. Both looked great in their 80’s.

Also I think the show works for me.. because it is like your favorite old loafers… no matter how old they get, they just feel good and make you feel good.


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