Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Morning of heartbreak or thrills

As everyone wakes up this morning. It is a morning of
heartbreak or thrills… some found out last night.. those
who stayed up long enough to see the results…but then again
there is the write ins and mail ins, that need to be counted as well.

And in Washington state that came be most of them..
As most of them mail in.. not sure if all do.
Here in Idaho, it usually is only a small percentage that mail
in theirs. Personally, I like going down to the polls and make
my mark the old fashion way. And in my little town, that is
still true, as we don’t have the automatic machine that some do.

But there had to be a lot of celebration last night, and the close one
had to wait until this morning.. and some of them have to wait yet.
Some will be cussing.. some will think maybe they should have voted, as they figured their person was a shoo in.. But those who didn’t vote, have no say now.. Missed opportunity…

Over in Washington, the people will be heading to the grocery store to buy their liquor, as they voted out their state liquor stores.
So we will see if what they had to say, the pro’s and con’s, is true or not..

I had no horse in this race. As ours were all unopposed. We now
have a new Mayor. A really nice gentleman and he is a gentle man. And our to be ex Mayor, will be stepping down after many,many, many years of holding down the fort. She definitely will feel the lost of being in the know. But then again, maybe relieved too. So those of you who voted.. Hope your person got in, and your bill went the way you voted. The rest of you. who didn’t vote.. Sorry.. Your mistake.. Sad.

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