Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Who Blinks first???

It is the time of the year.. and I have an early start.
As one who waits until the last minute… I have out done myself.
I am talking about Christmas cards… for the second year in a row, I have got my cards all done before Thanksgiving.. this year even sent them out Monday.

But it is also the time to see who blinks first. Meaning on the list, there are some who you have sent them out for years.. I mean lots of years.. 25, 35 years.. even 50 years.. for us older ones… and you wonder.. is the person getting tired of it. Would they love to have you skip a year so they won’t send you one and then you won’t send one back. Who do you scratch off the list? Do you wait on some, in hopes they won’t send you one and then you don’t have to?
Last year, one of those long time ones, passed away. I got a card and note from her daughter… so sad…See this was one of my teen years friend, who passed away.. So at my age, you start to have some of those friends pass away.

But do you have someone you would like to drop off of the list but don’t because you are afraid you might hurt their feelings? And at our age, do you fear dropping someone in fear they might think you died? Lol…
Good luck with your list..

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