Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Out of the woodwork, another political party...

Seems there is another political party starting..
We have seen the start up of the No Party Group, meaning you
could not run under any party name..
And then there is a renewal of a very old party, Whip Party.
And of course we hear about the Tea Party.
Along with all the regulars we see on the ballot each year.

Now we have a new party, which is big on electronics.
Meaning you get to tell what you want in a President.
And after they find one who they think is what the American
people, who own computers wants… then they will ask that
person if they will want to run under their party.

Confusing, huh? Well, the way I understand it. You all or should I say,
we all, go on line and leave a message of the things we want in a President..
the qualities.. even the like Roosevelt, (naming which one) or Kennedy like..
again naming which one. Or even someone in your own state… When they
get enough ideas of what the people in U.S. A. want in a person, they find
that person..
And then they ask that person to come on board, and the (the party)
will back them. It can be anyone.. They can be in the parties of now.

When you go on their site, you give tell your views of what you want.
Then you give a questions for a questionnaire for the candidates. You have
to be a register voter to do this. This is done this winter..

In April, they hope to have it narrowed down to 6 finalist. In May the
candidates that are picked have to opt in. After all they could come up
with someone..but that person may not want anything to do with this new party.
Those 6 different persons, then have to chose their own running partner..
AND (this will be a kicker) that person has to be from another party other
than their own. Their thoughts on this is, so a fringe group won’t take
over the process.

Then in early June of 2012, the 6 top tickets face off in a on line voting.
If there is an overwhelming majority, then that is the candidate. If not,
then the top two have a run off.

In late June the committee of this party, which is independent will decide
and name their candidate. They will then be involved in the polls… and if
the numbers are good, then they will be on the ballot for all 50 states.
As this committee of this party, back them, and have already started their
drive to have a spot open for them on all the ballots in each state.

I keep calling this a party but I am not sure if that is correct wording..
Maybe group would be a better description. So who is this group?
They call themselves Americans Elect. You can look up their name and
find information..

They have their own site, for you to sign up.
“Americans Elect gives you the power to directly nominate a
president in 2012. Who will you choose?”

Is this a good thing? I honestly don’t know. I know those dieheart
Republicans and Democrats are going to freak out. As they think the
country should run with only these 2 parties.. And in the past we have
had several parties that run, but don’t get much media. The Independent Party,
the Liberation Party to name a few.

But with everything going electronic, this doesn’t surprise me.
Scares me, but doesn’t surprise me. I find it interesting, but scary.
It kind of runs in the thing of being scared or hate what you fear or don’t
understand. And that would kind of include me. I am not going to even
try to say I understand all of this. I don’t hate it. So far don’t fear it..but
there is a lots more reading to do, before I do understand..

Sounds like just what the Occupy ____________ (fill in the blank)
ordered. The 99% ers.

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Betty said...

I can't think of anything worse than nominating a candidate for President or any other office on-line. Talk about chances for corruption!