Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Having a hard time not being a bitch...

Seems like more and more, the mail makes me a bitch.

I got today in the mail… an envelope saying Medicare
Changes, Then you open the dark inside of the envelope
and there is a postcard. Telling how there are Medicare changes
and how these changes could affect my current plan.
For me to fill in my name, birth date, and my spouses name
and birth date as well… and phone number… Nothing saying
where it is from. But in blurry, small letters it says Brad Mill,
license insurance agency could be contacting me.. And the front
of the post card says.. SD Reply Center in Rockwall Texas.
My worry is that there is a senior citizen out there who won’t recognize this
as an advertisement… and being a post card with their name and birth date on it..
along with their spouses… is an open candidate for fraud or identity theft.

Then there is the request for donation for Hospice Education.
Now I have the highest regard for Hospice… but I sure the heck not going
to send money to the state of Maine….
Idaho has Hospice too. Each county, just about, has their own..
we have ours here in Bonner county. I have taken classes there when I was an aide.
But Maine, I don’t think so… reminds me of a line from one of
the judge/court shows, where she says, stay in your own lane… So
Hospice of Maine, send your request for your Hospice to people
Of Maine. Idaho people will send theirs to their local unit, thank
you very much.

Then there is the Toys for Tots. I have gave to Toys for Tots for
years.. I once paid for a picture that the Sandpoint magazine used,
and had them donate the payment for that, to the Toys for Tots..
There is no way I am going to send donations to Des Moines, Iowa!
The Lions club here in our town does it quite well…
Iowa Toys for Tots… stay in your own lane/state..
Yes, I am afraid that makes me a bitch… but it isn’t my fault..
they just tick me off… and it come out

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Betty said...

I keep getting calls from various police groups, state and local. I ask them why they are calling when they're always urging us not to commit to donations over the phone. They don't have a good answer, and they also don't get a donation. I'm a bitch, too.