Monday, November 07, 2011

Have you ever wonder who came before you?

I am sure there are a lot of you out there who have gone back
a branch or two on your family tree… So you get to know the names…
and if you are lucky you know what they did for work.

One of my family members asked about some of mine, so I got my folder
out of the old filing cabinet, and started to proceed looking over the pictures
and etc. I decided to scan pictures and papers, on one side for now.. I found a
booklet that one of my great aunts did in the 1960’s …long before computers…
(well, for her at least)
It is all on my grandmother’s side, which is also hers.

I sat and started to read it, as I was trying to find out connection.
And I tell you, after reading for half an hour, I feel my head start to spin.
Holy cow.. so many names, so many same names. There ware so many
William’s, John’s, Hannah’s, Daniel’s, Elizabeth's and Harriet’s. I finally
found the right Daniel who was married to the right Harriet, which is my
great, great, great grandfather from England. But I couldn’t find any more..
but luckily it did list his children.. which was my great great grandfather…
but I tell you, I felt like my brain was on a merry go round… and I was dizzy.

I think I need a rest from this.. before I start the other side.. at least
all their names are different.. well, there is quite a few Elizabeth’s there.
But when you get to the Swedish section, I can’t even spell them never
mind pronounce them.

Maybe I should have just copies the papers and sent them to her.
But I did get to go to a site and came out looking at the church cemetery
in England where quite a few of them are buried. That was cool

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