Monday, December 12, 2011


For those who read my blog, you should have gathered by now,
that I am a strong supporter of our troops. The ones we have now,
and the ones before… I think the government is lackadaisical with their support,
for health and moral purpose especially.

The nation as a whole should be ashamed of the way they treated our men and women who fought in the Vietnam war. They are doing better this time around,
But still there is a lot more that the government could do. Especially those who come back with post trama problems. Yes, there are a great deal of troops who are taken care of in the hospitals and rehab. But there are a lot who are not.

You hear about the ones who get caught inbetween the cracks. The ones who lose limbs and get letters from the branch of service that they are in, and charged with breach of contract as they can’t fulfil their obilgations to the group. You go, what? The guy is in the hospital with one leg missing and they say what? Letter to their senators and etc. straighten it out, but to put any service family thru it, is disgusting.

But now we read about the many bodies that were cremated,and then were tossed in the landfill. It seems there were 274 bodies, and more body parts that were cremated and then taken to the landfill to be dumped. This was in Dover, Maryland.

HOW DARE THEY? These men were/are heroes. Many of them were burnt, blown up, (that’s why there are body parts) 1762 some odd body parts.
And when asked about this, and asked who and where? The New Jersey Representative was told it would be too hard to go thru the files. And no, they had not intentions of notifying the families involved. It was only when the Washington Post pushed it that they even came out with a number.

HOW DARE THEY? What shameful actions done by the United States Air Force.
Our men and women deserve the highest respect. And what the heck is this going to do for our men and women who are still fighting? Are they going to wonder if their families will get their remains… or will their body be sent to a landfill. How degrading.. And I surely hope heads will roll… pun intended.
Who ever … who ever is respondible for this behavior should be court-marshaled.

Even if there are body parts that can not be identified, still the throw them
in a landfill is disgusting… there has to be a better way.. even if it was the spreading of the ashes over the cemetery.

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Betty said...

I agree with you. It was shameful the way the Vietnam vets were treated and the treatment is not much better, now. I was appalled to read about the ashes being taken to a landfill. There will come a day when we will have to re-institute the draft simply because no one will voluntarily sign up.